Marina from Capitainerie Marina view to seaward  
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These are some of the 'not to be missed' trips that we reccomend visitors to Frejus to take. Although travel by car is the most versatile and gives you the ability to stop to admire the scenery almost at will, there are various other options which are sometimes preferable in high summer for example to avoid traffic conjestion on the coast road.





Ste Maxime, St Tropez and Port Grimaud
St Tropez is best reached by sea, either by the water bus service that operates frequently from Ste Maxime harbour, directly from Frejus or from other coastal harbours. Our preference is to drive to Ste Maxime, but a reasonably early start is reccommended to avoid the traffic queues between St Aygulf and Ste Maxime. There is a large (paying) harbour car park at the eastern end of the town, and several others further on. The water busses (Navaires) leave from the western side of the jetty that has the Capitainerie and a few shops on it. Toilets, which are normally open during the day, can also be found here.

The Navaires run from Ste Maxime to St Tropez and from St Tropez to Port Grimaud but not between Ste Maxime and Port Grimaud (although a ticket can be bought at Ste Maxime that covers both legs)

The attraction of St Tropez lies in the contrast between the old waterfront with its quaint buildings and streets with the expensive designer shops and seemingly unaffordable yachts and power boats in the harbour. For those who appreciate good ice cream, their taste will be fully satisfied by a visit to the ice cream bar at the westen end of the harbour.

Close to the landing stage at Port Grimaud there is a good south facing beach, and the centre is a 10 minute walk. The centre and water fronts are worth a visit, but there is not enough interest to occupy more than an hour or so.

The Corniche from Agay to Cannes
This is a very attractive drive, especially when the afternoon sun emphasises the contrast between the red rocks of the Esterel wih the azure blue of the Mediterranean. There are several parking places in which to stop and admire the veiw, culminating with a panorama across the bay of Cannes to the town.

The train from Frejus and St Raphael passes along the corniche and offers glimpses of the same spectacular scenery.

Monaco and Monte Carlo
An absolute must, especially in the summer if there is a fireworks display in the evening. If travelling by road, the most direct route is the A8 , but there are inevitably long queues from the Autoroute into the Principality. A reasonable alternative avoiding most of these and offering a spectacular view over the bay is to leave the A8 and travel via La Turbie, though the turning in La Turbie can be tricky to find. There is adequate parking in an d around the Principality, though one of the best car parks is in the rock on which the Palace is built, approximately under the Hydrographic museum. Sights to see in Monaco are the Palace, Hydrographic museum, harbour wit its superyachts and parts of the Formula One Grand Prix track, especially near the port. In Monte Carlo the opulence of the Casino, Hotel de Paris and Cafe de Paris is worth appreciating.

Gorge Du Verdon
The best but most time consuming way to approach the Gorge is by the winding road from Draginian, which joins the Gorge upstram and offers spectacular views down into it. On arriving at its mouth by Lac de Croix there is a large car park on its southern shore, where pedalos and canoes can be hired to use either on the lake or more adventurously to explore the Gorge. Two hours is needed for a fit pedalo crew to reach the upper limit of navigation and have some time to explore, though, as the flow of water is usually gentle, the pace is entirely at one's discretion.

Leaving the Gorge there is a choice of yet more attractive scenery from the north side, or a more direct and faster route back to Draguinan via Les Arcs

Hill Country
There are a number of interesting upland regions close to Frejus. The best way to explore them is to drive around and discover the hill villages in such as La Guard Freienet in the Maures