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By Air from SE England

There are 2 nearby airports, Nice and Toulon. Only details of travel via Nice are included as we have no experience of travel via Toulon.

Flights depart from many UK airports to Nice. In the South-East these are:

Stanstead, - Easyjet
Luton - Easyjet
Gatwick - Easyjet, BA
Heathrow - BMI

Flight time is approximately 2 hours and price varies from a few pounds to over£100 per person, depending on the time of year and how long in advance tickets are booked. Airport taxes are in addition to this. Normally, BA flights flights land at and depart from terminal 1 at Nice and Easyjet go to and from Terminal 2.

Buses to several destinations, including Nice train station (Gare) and Frejus depart from Terminal 2 and Terminal 1. There is a free connecting bus between the two terminals should it be necessary to go between the two.

Travel from Nice to Frejus

There are two options - the direct bus service that goes from the terminals to Frejus old town, and the rail service from Nice town to either St Raphael or Frejus station.

By Bus

A direct Bus Service operates from outside Terminals 2 and 1 to Frejus and St Raphael. There are 4 departures a day, at 09:00, 12:30, 15:45 and 19:30. All buses stop at both Place Paul Vernet in Frejus and the train station in St Raphael. The journey takes an hour to Frejus and 1 hour 15 minutes to St Raphael and the cost is around 17 Euro per person one way. Place Paul Vernet in Frejus is adjacent to car park and about 20 minutes walk from the apartment and there is a taxi rank close by, near the Tourist Information Office. However, if using the bus, it is prefereable to go to St Raphael bus station where taxis can more easily be found in front of the adjacent train station. Departures by bus from St Raphael bus station to Nice Airport are at 07:00, 10:30, 14:00 and 17:15, fifteen minutes later from Frejus.

By Train

The number 99 bus from the airport to Nice Ville (town) departs from a stand opposite arrivals exit A3 around every 25 minutes. It takes around 15 - 20 minutes (possibly longer in the summer) and completes its journey opposite the Nice Ville train station. The driver collects the fare on entry, which is 4 Euros per person, for a ticket valid on Nice buses for a day.

Trains run frequently from Nice Ville to both St Raphael and Frejus stations and the journey time is approximately one hour. Although both stations are approximately the same distance from the apartment, we recommend St Raphael as not only is it served by more trains, both local and TGV (fast intercity), it is easier to find a taxi at the taxi rank outside the main station entrance. If walking, (eg when going on a day trip to Monaco) both stations are a 15 minute walk, but again, more trains stop at St Raphael. Only local trains stop at Frejus. The rail fare is around €12 per person one way if on TGV and €10 by local train. It is often necessary to specify the time of the train on which you are travelling as prices vary depending on the time of journey and, on the TGV trains, a seat reservation is allocated when the ticket is purchased. Trains usually leave from the middle platform, which is accessed by going down the subway on the platform by which you enter the station from the station foyer.

The ticket office is on the left facing as you enter the station. When going onto the platform from the foyer it is necessary to validate the ticket by inserting one end of it into one of the machines standing by the platform entrance, which will print a code on it.

Trains are less frequent around lunchtime (!)

As there are many variations to the time-table relating to some specific days of the year, it is wise to check the French train web site and make an on-line enquiry for the specific time of travel.

If travelling by taxi from the station to the apartment, the best description of the destination is "Port Frejus Oest, Place Galoubet (s'il vous plait)".


It is possible to drive on dual carriageways almost all the way from most popular English towns to within a few miles of the apartment and there is a choice of a number of cross-channel operators ranging from the Channel Tunnel (most expensive but fast) to Speedferries' Dover to Boulogne catamaran service.

Click here for a guide to the route through France and Frejus.

Details of access to the garage will be provided as part of the apartment guide.