Marina from Capitainerie Marina view to seaward  
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Roman Frejus
Frejus town, situated a mile north of the port, has a history going back to Roman times. This is symbolised by the two striking (but relatively recently erected) columns that greet the visitor who approaches on the dual carriageway from the west.


  Columns.  Click for larger view


There are several Roman ruins, the most well preserved being the amphitheatre, which is still used for 'bull fights' and concerts during the summer. There is also the remains of the Roman aqueduct that carried water to the town all the way from Mons.

The town itself has tremendous charm. Sipping coffee by the fountain in the town under the shade of the trees is a delight.  

Frejus Cathedral dates back to the Century and has interesting cloisters that can be visited for a nominal charge.



There are many interesting streets to explore, offering typical sights of life in a Mediterranean French town