Marina from CapitainerieMarina view to seaward 
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Activities and Attractions

Apart from extensive beaches and spectacular surrounding scenery, there is a range of activities within easy reach with special appeal to the younger generation.


Just over a mile away and clearly visible from the apartment, is the Aquatica theme park with a variety of rides and other themed entartainment. for a link to the Aquatica website.

Base Nature

Just on the other side of the port is the Base Nature, which was a military air strip. Around the perimeter of a large grassed area a very long ashphalt track that connects with each end of the old runway has been constructed for skating and cycling. The Base also has an indoor swimming pool, skateboard area with slopes and jumps. In the area of the Base closest to the Port bicycles, roller blades and a variety of other equipment including amazing electrically driven Segways. for a link to see more information on the Base, Segways and the other equipment that can be hired.

Kite Surfing and Wind Surfing

For Kite Surfers, the area of beach over the river Reyran at the far end of the Base Nature is allocated as a an area for kite surfing. Brisk breezes occur reasonably frequntly both off and on shore and the relatively small waves in the bay appear to make this spot especially exhilarating. Wind surfers favour this area too, and at St Lucia, just beyond St Raphael, there are watersports centres and schools


In the early summer There are firework displays on Friday evenings in Frejus bay and at other times in Cannes and Monte Carlo. All are spectacular, but those in Monte Carlo are the best as different countries put on a show over four consecutive weeks in competition with each other.

Boat hire

Several companies offer motor boats for hire in the port, but a certificate of competence (permis) is required for all but the smallest. For those willing to make the outlay and reasonably confident in French, tuition to obtain the permis is available from some of the hirers.

Scuba Diving

With clear, deep waters, Frejus bay is popular with scuba divers. There are a number of companies in the port and nearby that offer diving trips and tuition.


Open air markets are a French tradition and where they appear to buy most of their fruit and veg, which is usually of a very high standard. Clothing and sunglasses are the next most popular items. These are very cheap, with casual trousers and skirts from 5 Euro (£3.50). Markets are held in the port, in the Place under the apartment, on Thursday mornings, and opposite the beach by the Post Office on Tuesdays, Fridays and Sundays.

Others within a reasonable distance are at Le Muy, which hosts a large market on Sunday mornings and at St Aygulf. Although a day trip, the market at Ventemillia, just over the Italian border, is renowned locally, to the extent that travel companies run coach trips.



Location of the Base Nature

Parascending in the Bay


Fireworks in the Bay

Frejus Plage Market

Frejus Plage Night Market

Market in the Port

Cool Dog