Marina from Capitainerie Marina view to seaward  
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The Port

Forum Julii, the original port which is now Frejus, was constructed around 43 BC on the orders of the Roman Emperor to be, Octavius Augustus. The Romans chose their location well, as Port Frejus is situated at the apex of the attractive Frejus bay that extends from St Raphael to St Aygulf.

The modern port was constructed around 15 -20 years ago as a purpose-built marina and residential complex and comprises a yacht basin accommodating sailing and power boats ranging in length from 12 feet to 60 feet surrounded by residential appartment blocks with numerous restaurants and leisure businesses.

The port provides an ideal place to relax away from the bustle of the main town and engage in 'boat watching' as crews clean, repair and prepare their boats for a trip on the Med.

If engaging more closely with the sea appeals during the season there are boat trips to the attractive harbour of St Tropez, where the seriously rich moor their yachts.

Parascending is on offer in the bay and there are a couple of diving schools operating from the west side of the port. Power boats can be hired from here as well, but to hire those with a respectably sized engine renters will first need to have passed a short course in boat handling.

Marina at night. Click for larger view

Port Frejus plan

Port bridge.  Click for larger view

East and west sides of the marina are linked on the north side by an attaractive arched footbridge (pictured on the left) and, in the summer, by a free ferry that operates between the sides of the mouth of the port. The old town can be clearly seen looking north up the canal beyond the road bridge.

Footbridge and west port. Click for larger view
Frejus from port bridge. Click for larger view

Extending from the west side of the port is an area called the Base Nature which was a military air base. Although there are still some military connections, it is now an area for recreation with an indoor swimming pool, cycling track and skateboard/BMX area. The Base Nature extends as far as the small River ReyRan which can readily be crossed by adults if a beach walk in the direction of St Augulf appeals. It should be noted that there is a short stretch of Naturist beach on the St Aygulf side. There is more information on the Base Nature on the Base Nature page.